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Kombu dashi features elegant taste

Botanical umami "glutamic acid" is also excellent as a summary to combine taste and taste to make delicious dishes.

What is indispensable for Japanese people "Dashi"

It is "dashi" which is not an exaggeration to say "existence indispensable to life". "Dashi" is the base to make the taste of dishes, and it will become unfinished tasteless if this base is not done properly. There are kelp soup, bonito soup stock, boiled soup and so on in "Dashi", but the history of "Kombu Dashi" is old, it is said that it started from the Muromachi period. Konbu was very familiar from the background that Kyoto had already developed vigorous cuisine.

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Commitment of Japanese cuisine

More than half of Japanese cuisine will not be established without "soup stock". In a well-known restaurant or famous shop, say "around", I will taste the soup stock used on that day, and if the bad board is not good, I will redress the soup again soon, It is important for life and it can be said that it is life. In fact, it can be said that "soup stock" is the basis for all the dishes for the cook.

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Four ingredients making natural palm


"Kombu dashi" is an elegant and discreet flavor. "Kombu dashi" goes well with vegetable dishes such as devour cuisine.

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Boiling water

It is characterized by weak sour taste than pickles and can take soup with strong scent. Therefore, it is suitable for "miso soup", "noodle noodle", "simmered dish" and so on.

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Bonita that can be taken from "bonito" is the base of Japanese soup stock. A rice paddy has rich flavor and umami, and it is suitable for "sesame soup" or "chawan mushi" such as dashi as a leading role.

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dried shiitake

The main umami component of "dried shiitake mushroom" is guanylic acid, it is a flavored ingredient of the same nucleic acid system as botanical inosinic acid.

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