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umami from the kelp soup

"Umami" is familiar with the taste which everyone of the Japanese who cherishes "dashi soup" can feel

"Umami" is discovered by Japanese from "Kombu dashi"

In Japan, kombu soup has been used for cooking for a long time. It was known empirically that ingredients contained in kombu have taste. Tokyo Imperial University and Dr. Ikeda Kikusoei, who focused on this, began research to clarify the identity of the taste of kombu soup. And in 1908, succeeded in removing glutamic acid from kombu. I found that glutamic acid is the main ingredient of kombu soup, and named its taste "umami".

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Ingredients of "umami"

Glutamic acid, inosinic acid, guanylic acid and so on are examples of what are known as umami substances. It is known that the umami substance is dramatically strengthened by combining glutamic acid as an amino acid and inosinic acid or guanylic acid as a nucleic acid type umami substance rather than using it alone, Synergistic effect ".

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"Umami" and "taste" are different.

The word "deliciousness" and "umami". Both are often used confusingly, but they are actually quite different. "Deliciousness" is what you feel when you eat it is affected not only by the taste itself but also by a number of factors such as the smell and texture, the atmosphere of the place and the physical condition. On the other hand, "umami" is one of five basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami) and is an official name that refers to an independent taste. The umami seasoning supplements the umami, as well as affecting the taste flavor of other ingredients and seasonings, and it contributes to the deliciousness of dishes.

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